Crossing Condo Completed

On Monday the new owner took possession of the Crossing condominium that we finished for her. She made some very nice choices for the interior finishes. All the cabinets, doors and trims are maple with a light stain applied. The kitchen cabinets have glass in the upper doors and the cabinets extend to the ceiling. There is excellent lighting in the kitchen with new bright under counter lights as well as the overhead and exhaust hood lighting. In this unit we installed shallow shelves above the kitchen sink which makes good use of that space.

As part of our work we removed the existing acrylic shower unit in the main bathroom and installed a full ceramic tile shower. It is quite a bit of work making the waterproof pan in the shower, but the end result looks great. This unit did not have any carpet flooring—everything is either tile or wood. The wood flooring extending all he way from the kitchen to the east windows overlooking the Cannon River has a very nice appearance.  We intalled French light pocket doors into the den which saves space with door swings.