Sunday I participated in the Northfield CROP Walk.

This is an ecumenical program supported by many churches across the nation, organized by the Church World Service. It provides support for refugee camps, AIDS prevention programs, nutrition assistance and many other programs in developing nations of the world.

CROP Walk particpants gather pledges for Church World Service for their walking challenge. My son Tristan walked with me on Sunday. It was a beautiful day to be out in the community supporting such a worthy cause. Previous walks have been rainy and cold, but Sunday was great. The organizers hoped to move the Northfield CROP Walk up to the third largest in the state….and from the looks of the crowd I think they may have accomplished that goal.

One of the nice benefits of taking part in a community event such as this is I run into many past and present Northfield Construction Clients. One of the main CROP walk organizers was Faye Caskey. We finished a nice home for Faye and Carl a year or so ago. Also, Marshall and Carla Hansen walked with their two children. You can see photos of their home currently under construction in our residential portfolio.

That is one of the best things about this job…staying in touch with happy clients.