When I was in the Pacific Northwest last week I observed several interesting construction items. The first was at the Bonneville Dam. The interpretive center there had some great photos of the dam being constructed in the 1930’s. It always amazes me at the type and quality of work that was done without the massive hydraulic and electronic tools we have today. I snapped this photo of a typical collection of engineering tools from that period….

I took this photo from the 4th floor of the Seattle Central Library, looking down on the work…

It looks like the construction work for this building expansion follows similar means and methods that we use here in Minnesota. This site has good access for materials and equipment as it is just off the street isn’t boxed in by other buildings.

There was lots of ‘in-fill’ work going on in Seattle, especially in the housing markets. Most of this work involved frame construction for condominiums, such as this….

Framing work in the Northwest is a bit more ‘beefy’ than work we see here. I suspect this is due to the wind loads off Puget Sound as well as concern about earthquakes.


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