100_3723 Today we took advantage of perfect spring weather to install the concrete driveway at our Eastside new home project. We had installed crushed concrete as a base for the driveway last fall and drove on it all fall and spring. That was an excellent choice as it stayed firm even during the spring freeze and thaws.


We reinforce our driveways with steel bars each way. Some contractors use wire100_3721 mesh, which can also work. But we have found that using steel reinforcing bars makes a very long lasting driveway. We make sure the bars are suspended in the wet concrete. Oftentimes wire mesh ends up on the ground under the concrete and doesn’t really help reinforce the driveway. In addition, the steel reinforcing bars provide a stronger driveway so when any type of heavy load, such as a garbage or landscape truck, drives on the driveway there is less chance of failure.

100_3722 We also are creating a small patio at the rear of the home. The patio will have an 18” border of standard broom finish concrete with the interior exposed aggregate concrete. The contrast of materials creates a very pleasing appearance.


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