Northfield Construction Company had another fun event….our summer picnic. The week before we were in Belle Plaine at Bar-B-Q Days and last week it was our annual summer picnic.

The picnic was held at Sechler Park in Northfield. It is a great place to hold a picnic. There is good shelter in case of rain, and there is fine play equipment for the little ones that are along. Our picnics are family events for everyone.

NCC has several employees that have very young children. We had gifts for all the children regardless of age. The food was catered by Dale Finger from the Quarterback club—some of that great broasted chicken!

This is a fun time to gather together and let families meet each other and chat away from work settings. I always think it is good for spouses and children

to see some of the other people that work for Northfield Construction Company.

It truly has been fun for me to watch families grow up over the years. My longest term employee has been working with me since 1977. I’ve watched his children grow up, go to college, and start their own young families. There are several employees that have been working here 10-15 years. With families of all ages it is really fun to get together, play, visit and just enjoy a good relaxing summer evening.


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