Yesterday several of my employees and I were invited to a “Thank You” luncheon hosted by the Northfield Community Action Center (CAC). The lunch was to recognize everyone that worked on the permanent supportive housing that was constructed over the past year. It was wonderful to see over 100 construction workers and architects show up for the lunch held at the Odd Fellows Park in Northfield.

I had a good chat with Jim Blaha, CAC Director, about the project.

Jim spoke to the group to thank everyone for their hardwork. My company donated much of the siding installation and the work was performed over the winter months. We had some cold days there so it was great to be assembled together on a nice August noon hour.

Jim told us that the buildings are working well and they provide safe, secure housing for homeless people and people with mental disabilities. I told Jim that the really great part of the housing is the fact that the Northfield community took charge and developed this housing without any state or federal assistance. Many construction companies and suppliers donated work to help make this housing a reality. As a donor I can truly say that this donation is one of the most satisfying donations my company has made. We provided housing for vulnerable people and did it on our own.

The lunch was catered by Nerstrand Meats.

They brought a whole roasted hog. With hungry construction workers the hog was turned into a pile of bones in short order! No one opted to eat the head, which looked sort of interesting with an apple in its mouth and cherries in its eyes.

It is great to live and work in a community where it is possible to construct homes for the less fortunate using a large amount of donated labor and materials. Once the need was identifed and a plan prepared to address the need, the construction firms and workers really stepped up to the plate to help out.