The Dodge County courthouse in Mantorville, MN was constructed during 1865-1870. It is a solid limestone builidng built with the limestone from the quarries around Mantorville. Our work on this project involved exterior renovations as well as some structural repairs.

The roof of the building was showing some signs of age…sagging beams, rafters, etc. Many times buildings like this had lumber that was not sized properly to handle the loads imposed by snow. In this case we did a lot of work in the attic of the building. We added new rafters alongside each existing rafter. We installed new parallel strand lumber beams at rafter mid-points to provide adequate support. It was quite a process to haul all this material up the outside of the building and into the attic through a temporary access!

We also totally refurbished the cupola on the top of the roof. This work involved removing the eight decayed wood columns and installing new ones, as well as installing new railings. We installed new copper flashings on the cupola as well as a new pressed copper shingle roof. Part of our work involved the custom fabrication of a new copper finial for the top of the cupola. The rest of the roof on the building was roofed with new heavy weight asphalt shingles.  We painted the wood trims on the gable ends as well as the window casings.

One of the biggest challenges on this job was providing safe access to the roof. The courthouse sits just off highway 57 in Mantorville, on a steep hillside. The scaffold company did a good job erecting a total work area around the building, keeping our workers safe at all times.