Recent Projects

Commercial Construction

Project Name: Imminent Brewing
Area: Downtown Northfield
Project Manager: Craig Vold
Site Supervisor: Bill Barsness

General information: We were involved from there very first steps of the project planning. This project involved turning the Armory Annex building (built over 50 years ago) into a working brewery. The production of, and serving beer aspect of this project made for an interesting partnership with the Department of Agriculture. We worked within the budget of the owners and partnered with them on items they wished to complete themselves to make the project unique and lasting.

Interesting aspects of the project: Installing in-floor drains and a reverse osmosis system for the brewery.

Architect: ALM Design Studio
Lumber: Lamperts
HVAC: Keith Pumper Plumbing and Heating
Plumbing: Welch Plumbing and Keith Pumper Plumbing and Heating
Electrical: Schulz Electric