The past couple of weeks we have been working on repairs to the Hauge Lutheran Church in rural Kenyon, MN. Like many early wood frame 1900 church buildings, this one needed some repairs on the steeple. Steeples are up high and not easily observed so they often do not receive regular attention. In addition, steeples generally have trim details that are even more detailed than other areas of the church building. Our first task in making the required repairs was to erect scaffold so that our workers could safely deal with the carpentry work. We devised a plan to place scaffold sections, planks and braces around the steeple that worked well for everyone.

Our work mainly involved removing decayed shingle siding and reflashing areas. We used solid copper flashings as they do not deteriorate like standard galvanized steel flashings. We want this work to last a long time so it is wise to use quality materials. Once the copper flashings were in place we then installed new red cedar shingles back in place. The main framing members on the steeple all were solid and in good condition.

We replaced vaious mouldings and trim boards and painted the steeple. It looks great and should serve the congregation well for many more years.


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