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Commercial Construction

Project Name: Chamber 19 Bridge Square
Area: Northfield Downtown
Project Manager: Chris Smisek
Site Supervisor: Jim Vold

General information: This is a Commercial leased space, KOMA Architects designed a new conference area in the back area and a new reception and lobby area. The Cabinets in the reception area are repurposed cabinets form the old US Federal Credit Union. Floor patching, all new paint, added a couple new doors and Hdwe. patched in the Acoustical ceiling.


Architect: KOMA
Lumber: Lamperts
Cement: none
Cabinets: Lamperts
Doors and Hdwe: Twin City Hardware
Flooring: Biermans
Ceiling: Twin City Acoustics
Plumbing: none
Electrical: Schulz
Paint: K&D