100_3853 Today several of Northfield Construction Company’s employees and I attended a lunch and seminar at Cemstone Concrete Products. They are located right across the street from our shop. We have a long relationship with Cemstone. NCC purchases most of our concrete from Cemstone and also constructed their truck maintenance facility on the site. Many of the local concrete companies and general builders were represented at the lunch.

After we ate we had a couple of demonstrations. The first one dealt with repairing100_3855 existing spalled concrete. Spalling typically occurs when moisture gets into cured concrete and freezes, thereby putting pressure on the cement and rock mixture and pushing up flakes. The flakes come loose from driving or walking and you end up with a pock mark in the finished concrete surface. The material Cemstone demonstrated today is used to repair these blemishes in the concrete. It is a product that can be knifed in place which avoids getting on hands and knees to trowel it into place.

100_3859 The second demonstration was on applying colored sealant to existing concrete. This is done by mixing a combination sealer and colorant, spraying it on the concrete and then using a roller to provide a final finish. The end result is a refinished concrete slab that looks good and should provide additional years of service.


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