Dundas Park Pavilion

We have been working on a new park pavilion for the City of Dundas for the past few weeks. It is coming along well.

The building has dark gray colored concrete blocks for a base belting around the building. I like the look of having a darker colored block closer to the ground---it seems to give the building a ...

Circle Lake home

Work is moving ahead steadily with the home we are building near Circle Lake.

The roof trusses have been worked on this week. The temeratures have dropped a bit, but the workers greatly appreciate the trees that provide a wind break.

On this home we are setting the r...

Lonsdale Business Showcase event

Last Saturday the Lonsdale Chamber of Commerce held their 3rd annual Business Showcase. This year the event was held in a large warehouse of one of the local businesses. It worked out very well and was not too crowded. There were lots of area businesses represented at the show. Chris Smisek and Phil Olson staffed the Northfield Co...

Circle Lake home

Work has continued on the new home we are building near Circle Lake for a client. With the roof on it looks of more substance now as it sits on the lot.

Cliff and the crew working on the home have to pay a lot of attention to framing details.

On many of the houses ...

Historic construction

Ellen and I visited Nashville, Tennessee at the end of February for a few days. We had a great relaxing time being in that part of America before I started in with my duties. Having been in the construction business all my working life I like to visit and observe how local building materials in an area are used. Nashville didn’t l...

Kitchen remodeling

We recently finished up a nice remodeling project for a client in Northfield. The work involved installing a new kitchen in the existing kitchen location. The end result looks wonderful and the client is very pleased with how everything turned out.

We used granite countertops for this kitchen. Granite is a ver...

Circle Lake home web page; open house

We now have a web page dedicated to the home for sale at Circle Lake:

It is marketed by . See the

Millstream Commons Open House

Saturday morning was one of those great times for a building contractor….the grand opening of Millstream Commons, a beautiful assisted living project we built for Three Links Care Center in Northfield. The event was held from 9:00AM until noon. The weather was beautiful and there were hundreds of people in attendance.

Northfield Home and Garden Show

Saturday I spent the majority of the day at the Northfield Home and Garden Show. I staffed the Northfield Construction Company booth with my son Tristan. This was held in the new Middle School again. I helped organize the first show in the old Middle School about 20 years ago and am so pleased to see it flourishing and expanding in m...

Northfield Construction: Small Business Blog of the Day

Northfield Construction Company was the on Brian Brown's weblog.

"The NCC weblog is a perfect Small Business blog. New posts appear several times a week, the blog incorporates many photos, and it has a very low-tech feel that makes it personable and charming."