100_3064 Northfield Construction Company assists Carleton College with a variety of projects each year. Carleton has a great maintenance staff, but they cannot always fit building improvements into their general maintenance schedule. It is one thing to take care of facilities but another thing to expand or remodel facilities. We are pleased to assist Carleton and help renovate or improve various campus facilities.


100_3065 For the past couple of weeks we have been busy at Evans Hall doing what we call ‘general clean-up’ work in some rooms. This typically involves patching and painting the walls and ceilings and upgrading lighting as needed. In this case we also removed some wall and base cabinets that had come to the end of their useful life and replace them with new pre-manufactured oak cabinets and laminate countertops. This student kitchen gets good use during the school year for an area to bake cookies, and make popcorn and pizzas. I know the students appreciate the ‘new’ lounge area.


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