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Kitchen cabinet installation was the site task last week at our Second Street addition and remodeling project. The owners selected maple cabinets for this project and they look wonderful. The cabinets have a panel door and fit into the home style very nicely. The depth and height of the cabinets was varied in some locations and a solid crown molding was included at the top. Countertops are next on the agenda.

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We also are finishing up the exterior work on the addition. The siding has mainly been completed. The addition incorporates some cedar shingle siding as well as cedar lap siding. Work on the deck will start shortly. The addition blends in nicely to the rest of the home.

One thing that often is a challenge in remodeling is matching new finishes to existing finishes. This came up when our new red oak flooring met the existing red oak flooring. Even though the flooring was the same size, due to one being 45 years old and the other brand new we would run into problems ‘toothing’ the floor boards together. So, rather than remove flooring running down the hallway we separated the new and old floors with a single board of Brazilian cherry flooring. It is darker and clearly creates an intended division between the floors. We often do the same thing on the walls and ceilings using a control joint.