We have started a cabin addition and remodeling project in Southern Carlton County, Minnesota. This site is a fair distance from Northfield, but the clients are great to work with and it is a fun job. I’ve worked with them for several months planning the work…..as shown by the photos with snow on the ground. Our work involves removing the one story addition on the left side of the cabin and replacing it with a new bedroom and bathroom expansion. We also are adding a new room with a small deck toward the lake on the cabin, and re-roofing the whole structure with a standing seam metal roof.

The first task was supporting the existing cabin area on cribbing and installing a new foundation. Most of the summer cabins in this area just have simple supports holding them in place….often just a chunk of log sitting on a rock. To make the new work fully winterized we needed to install a new foundation below the frost line. That work was completed without too much difficulty, in spite of a very rainy summer. Once the foundation was completed the existing cabin was fully supported on the new foundation. We installed rigid insulation on each side of the masonry walls, and put draintile all around the perimeter. With a concrete floor in the crawlspaces the areas should stay warm and dry throughout our cold Minnesota winters.

With the foundation installed and backfiling complete we concentrated on carpentry work last week. We had to do some jacking and repair of the existing logs and add some permanent supports on footings. Once that work was accomplished we set the floor joists in place and capped the joists with 3/4″ plywood. We glue, nail and screw our plywood in place to eliminate floor squeaks.

While this is a long distance job, it is fun to be doing work in the ‘Arrowhead’ region of Minnesota.


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