100_2501 I was on a canoe trip in Minnesota’s boundary water canoe area (BWCA) for several days this week. Every year a group of my high school friends gets together for a trip. This year we expanded our group a bit by including a couple other folks from the area so we ended up with a group of 9 people. We had decent weather with some light rain, but it was much colder this June than some of the other years we have been there. And of course, the mosquitoes and black flies were out in force.

It is wonderful to access and enjoy such a beautiful area like the BWCA. The walleye100_2500 fish were elusive for all 9 of us, but small mouth bass and Northern pike were in abundance. A quick cleaning job on a paddle makes a shore lunch treat.

100_2507 We had a 2 mile portage to reach the lake we were headed to. Normally we do a double trip and each take two trips with gear and canoes on our portages. This time we figured we could double load ourselves and make it in one trip. We did it, but I’ll tell you, lashing two packs together and carrying a couple of plastic coolers for two miles is a big job!! By the time I got to the end of the portage I felt like a pack mule.

100_2508 Along the portage I found a lot of pink lady’s slipper flowers. These flowers, a member of the orchid family, are a real treat to find as it takes up to 16 years for some of them to flower. I found a clump of five flowers along the portage, something I’ve never seen before. Our state flower is the pink and white lady’s slipper but100_2511 I don’t believe the ones I photographed are the state flower as they don’t have a white canopy. Maybe the white canopy develops later. I’ve also seen yellow lady’s slippers but didn’t find any this trip. I did find some other lovely delicate white wild flowers growing off the portage path.

If you have not had a chance to enjoy Minnesota’s BWCA I highly recommend a trip there. Fishing is great, the scenery is spectacular, eagles and birds can be found in abundance, and sunrise and sunsets are beautiful.


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