100_1853 The brickwork at our Faith Lutheran church project in Dodge Center is coming along very nicely. The brick100_1846 masons have finished up the brick on the accent window wall features. The columns at the new front entry are also completed and work is taking place on the full height brickwork. The brick wainscote is capped with stone which looks great.


100_1848 Inside the building the drywall is being applied to the framing. Sound insulation was installed prior to the drywall which will help prevent unwanted sound transmission between rooms. Drywall workers started their work in the sanctuary and are dealing with the high ceilings there. Hydraulic lifts are great labor savers when doing this type of work.


The last item left on the exterior is finishing the bell tower and mounting the cross.100_1843 We fabricated the roof over the bell tower and will finish it on the ground, then lift it in place using a crane.


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