At the end of March, Boy Scout Troop 344 in Northfield conducted their annual fundraising event. This year they made a quilt and auctioned it. I was the winning bidder for the quilt.

The Scouts, along with their ScoutMaster Don Starr, came by my booth at the Northfield Home and Garden Show and presented me with the quilt.

The quilt is a very nice piece….really a work of art. The boys did a great job sewing the squares and placed a logo from the United Nations right in the center. The backing on the quilt is Ingeo….a corn fiber material made by Cargil/Dow. I had not seen such corn fiber material before. It is very soft and dense, not at all what I would have expected.

The Scouts had selected a number of organizations to share the proceeds of the auction. These included the American Heart Association, Faribault and Northfield food shelf, Maltby Nature Center, and other area non-profit ogranizations. In talking with the boys I could tell they had put a lot of thought into what groups they felt they should share their funds with.

I hung the quilt on the wall in my Legislative office in St. Paul. It looks great and is a good way to give the Boy Scouts some recognition for their quality work creating the quilt.

For more, see the Troop 344 weblog.


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