This week we completed all the new framing required for the bath and kitchen remodeling project we are working on. We filled in some openings, enlarged some other openings, created the new shower area, etc. The openings in the living room area required the installation of a laminated beam to support the second level of the home. That beam was a job to get in place, but should have no trouble supporting the loads for many years to come. The bathroom requires some plumbing modifictions for the new double vanity.

In the kitchen we are just removing selective wall areas as necessary. The plaster in this house is in excellent condition and we want to preserve as much as we can. But we also have to install quite a bit of new electrical wiring. So, we cut out a swath of plaster about 16″ above the floor. This allows us to run horizontally in the kitchen walls with new electrical wiring. We will then properly seal the wall opening, and it will be behind the new kitchen cabinets so no patching or finishing is required.


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