Back to School Street Safety Tips

Kids are an important part of our community and now that school is back in session it is important to look out for them as they hit the streets. Safety is a top priority here at NCC, so here are tips to keep in mind for back to school time:

• Slow down.
• Stop at all stop signs, no rolling stops. Pay attention to Yield signs.
• Make sure to check all sidewalks and crosswalks.
• Look up and down the road, and then do it again.
• Be careful around parked cars, smaller children could come darting out that you may not see.
• Walk around your car to make sure no children are hiding in a blind spot.
• Make sure to give bikes and cycles their space on the road.
• Always minimize distractions while driving.
• Pay attention to school zones with posted speed limits during school hours, but also during practices or other school related events.
• Take extra precaution when you are behind, or approaching, a school bus. Leave enough space and know there will be a bunch of kids waiting to board or getting off the bus.
• Be prepared for more traffic, there are more cars on the road during commute times.


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