100_0716 Ellen and I were out and about in near Northern Minnesota over the weekend…Carlton County area. The Moose Lake area was hosting their annual ‘Autumn Winds’ tour of local artists. This has grown into a fun little event with about 12 artists participating. They extend from Moose Lake, Barnum, Askov and Kettle River up to Cloquet. We made several stops and had a great100_0718 time chatting with both the artists and customers.

Many of the artist shops are simple accommodations….a nice cabin in the woods is great for inspiration. I think this type of art crawl is a wonderful way for an area to showcase just what goes on under your nose. The artists are busy and creative. A weekend joint show like this gives people like me a chance to see the art, purchase a few things, and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

100_0719 Minnesota is fortunate to have such vibrant arts communities in all areas of the state. Art and culture is what brings a lot of people here….and it is what keeps them here. Thanks to everyone involved with the Autumn Winds tour this weekend.


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