Ask the Tradesman: Schulz Electric

Tradesmen and tradeswomen are in high demand. One of the biggest benefits to working in the skilled trades is the opportunity available. Not exactly sure which trade or how to get started? That is why we are here to help with our new “Ask the Tradesman” blog.

This month we had the opportunity to talk to Mike Schulz of Schulz Electric and ask him all about his trade.

What skill sets are great for this trade?

The four skills that I would say are great for the electrical trade are:

  • Work ethic
  • Being able to learn/listen
  • Being good with your hands
  • Common sense of tools

What type of person/personality/traits are great for this trade?

In the electrical trade, a great trait to have is the ability to work and communicate well with other people. It is also important to be able to listen and learn from others.

Why is this a great time to get into this trade?

There is a shortage of people that have the above stated traits and skills. One of the biggest benefits to working in this skilled trade is the education required – you can complete you education in 2 years, not 4. If you have the above traits and skills you’ll have no problem finding a job right away.

What is it like working with NCC on projects?

It is really good, they have people working with them who have good knowledge of the projects. There is always good communication between the different contractors/tradesmen.

Are you hiring? If so, how does someone apply or get in contact with you?

Yes we are hiring right now! We are looking for a Journeymen Electrician. Once we find a Journeymen Electrician we will be looking for an Apprentice Electrician. If you are interested, you can contact us here.

How does someone get started in this trade?

I would recommend going to a Trade School, Dunwoody College of Technology or Dakota County Technical College. Once you are in school, I would recommend trying to get a part-time job with an Electrical Contractor that is near you.


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