Ask the Contractor – Can I Use My Own Electrician?

I want to hire you to build our house but my brother is an electrician, can we use him?

We hear this type of story all the time, you want to build a house but Uncle Joey owns a siding business and would be upset if he didn’t get the job. Of course we have our go-to list of sub-contractors to use but you can rest easy knowing that Joe will have the opportunity to participate in the project. Thanksgiving dinner won’t be awkward, at least not because of us.

 Some to-do’s to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that during your initial meeting bring a list of sub-contractors you would like to get bids from. We will need their contact information; preferably phone, email, and website information.

2. We will want to check with each sub-contractor to make sure that they have time in their schedule and that they meet our sub-contractor requirement including proper levels of insurance.  Ultimately, we need meet our production timeline to perform for you and have subcontractors that can perform. One missed deadline could domino the entire project.

3. Have your sub-contractor stop in to introduce themselves. We’d love to put a face to the name and get a feel for how they do business. Who knows, we could have more projects to send their way if they do a good job.

 At the end of the day, it’s your home. When building custom homes for clients we learn to work with a lot of different personalities. Don’t be afraid to speak up. A team of people need to come together to make homes happen — we are happy to be on yours.

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