100_3730 Last week we started work on a new art studio building for Carleton College. The building will be used as studio space for some of the art faculty that creates art using somewhat noisy processes. The building will provide an excellent space for them to manufacture their various art projects.

Our first task was to clear the site. The site contained several small trees and other brush. We cut and chipped the trees. The wood chips will be used for paths at a later time. We also had to do some soil corrections to create a proper building site.

100_3754 Next we installed sewer and water services into the building area. Since the building will have a fire protection system we installed a 6” water service.

Once the site was prepared and utilities installed we100_3756 were able to excavate for the building foundation. Yesterday we poured the concrete footings for the building. It was perfect weather for this work. Next we will install the concrete foundation walls.


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