July 28 005 Last week we reached the point where drywall could start to be installed on the walls in our art studio building project. The walls are light gauge steel framing. We sealed up the exterior surfaces then installed fiberglass insulation per the architects specifications. On top of that we installed a vapor retarding film and sealed it at all edges. Sealing this vapor film is important. The building has a mechanical fresh air system and we want to make sure air is drawn into the building through the mechanical system and not through gaps in the building seals.

July 28 002 In many areas of the building we are installing plywood backer panels. These will be used for attachment of shelving and miscellaneous fixtures by the art professors using the building. It is easier to attach to this plywood backer than try to anchor to the steel framing.


Drywall is now being installed over the backer. On this building we are using MarvinJuly 28 003 Integrity windows. We ordered them with channels to receive the drywall which will create a nice, smooth looking return to the window.


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