100_3956 After the rains of June stopped and turned into July we have made good progress on the Carleton College art studio building we are constructing. The structural steel and roofing has all been completed. We have the sheathing on the exterior walls and are just finishing up on the interior steel stud walls.


Last Friday our workers started to install the windows. Windows for this project are100_4036 Marvin Integrity window units. They have an extruded fiberglass exterior in a pebble gray finish. The interior is also extruded fiberglass but is a white material. We are installing these windows in the same manner we do for our residential projects. This involves properly fastening the window in place, then using special tape to seal the edges of the window. The top of the window has the building wrap protect the window flange. This way if there is any moisture that gets behind the siding the moisture can migrate down the wall surface and exit at the bottom of the wall….instead of finding its way into the wall around the window openings. 


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