Some months ago we completed our work at the new home we constructed in Apple Valley. This house used insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) for the foundation walls, and also for the upper level walls. The owner on this project was very involved with the construction. He completed all the interior trim work, cabinets, painting, wood floors and tile work. That was a lot to take on, but he stuck to it and finished the work. He used cabinets he purchased from IKEA which allowed him to set the countertops at 39″ high to meet the needs of a tall person.

One of the other challenges was the topography on the lot. The site sloped up steeply from the street to the rear of the lot. A house with a tuck-under garage would have fit the lot rather well, but the owner did not care for that style of home. So retaining walls were required all across the back of the house and turning down the sides. The retaining wall installers did a good job getting the walls up. Some hydroseed was sprayed onto the soils and the June and July rains got the grasses growing to stablize the soils well. We ran into quite a few rocks during the excavation work. We retained the rocks on site for the owner to use in areas to retain soil.

We make every effort to work with our clients to accomplish the tasks at hand. Oftentimes a client will want to participate in some aspect of building the home. In this case the owner tackled major portions of the project. With assistance from some friends and family the work was completed they way the owner wanted and everyone is happy.


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