Another Crossing Condominium

This week we started work finishing another condominium unit in The Crossing building in Northfield. This unit is on the third floor of the building and overlooks the Cannon River. Every time I am in the unit the views impress me. Today there were hundreds of Canada geese on the open water of the river.

#312 RI Plumb Dec 10 (2)We are not relocating many walls in this unit whichmakes the work go fairly quickly. One thing we have done is remove the tub from the main bathroom. This bathroom had a tub and a shower and the unit owner decided to relocate the washer and dryer units to this location. That allows the utility room to be used as a large storage closet. I find that people moving to condominiums struggle to have enough storage space. Sometimes we have removed the tub and turned it into a closet with double doors. But by moving the washer and dryer into this large bathroom the owner gains a lot of storage space in the unit.




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