IMG_1729 Our workers have been busy for the past few weeks at All Flex in Northfield. All Flex is aallflex_logo_fpc company just down the road from our shop. They manufacture a variety of flexible circuit type products that involve membranes coated with metals. Since this product is used in so manyIMG_1728 things today…from autos to power tools….they are a busy manufacturing company. We assisted them in creating some additional space by constructing a mezzanine in the building.

The mezzanine work was not terribly complicated, but it did require some engineering to determine where we could place the concentrated loads. We used a combination of structural IMG_1731 steel and wood to build the mezzanine. We could create the mezzanine because the original ceiling height in the building was high enough to all for a second level, as long as the structure was designed in such a way that we didn’t create headroom problems at either floor. 


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