A Message From Otto: Keeping Your Pets Safe This Winter

Hey there. I’m Otto the construction dog! Every now and then, I give you some information on what life is like for me over here at Northfield Construction Company. As the cold weather approaches, I know a lot of my furry friends are trying to spend as much time outside as they can. We’re all soaking up the warmth while we can.

But, soon, colder weather will be on its way. This means there’s a lot of fun things to do, like catch snow balls, play on the frozen lake, and cuddle up by a warm fire. If you were wondering how to take care of your pets, I assembled a list of tips for you.

1) If your pets get cold or wet outside, be sure to bring them in and warm them up ASAP. Nobody likes to stand shivering outside!

2) For pets who sleep outside, be sure to provide proper housing. An insulated doghouse that isn’t too big is a great choice. That way, our body heat can help warm it up. Lots of blankets inside and a tarp outside (to stop the wind) are also helpful. But please don’t leave us outside on the really chilly nights!

3) Get the right gear. I have pretty fluffy fur, so that helps keep me insulated in the winter. But, some of my friends don’t have that luxury. If they don’t object to the idea, try getting a sweater or booties for some of my short-haired or smaller friends.

4) Give us lots of food and water! Keeping my body warm requires more energy than normal, so I need to stay nourished.

5) Check your car. Some of my feline friends looove the feel of a warm engine in the winter. So, be sure to check your car before you start it to see if anybody is napping.

6) Keep antifreeze away! While it’s a useful tool for humans, antifreeze is very poisonous to pets. Avoid accidents by wiping up spills and keeping bottles secure.

7) Help our paws stay healthy. Salty roads are tough on bare feet. By wiping our pads down with a wet washcloth, you help get irritants out.

Thanks to The Humane Society, Animal Foundation, and Doctors Foster and Smith for your help!


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