100_0734 We are back at work on the 5th Street infrastructure project wrapping things up. The work was100_0851 divided into two phases…the Water Street parking lot area, and the 5th St. work. The last thing we did in the Water Street area was install the stone seat walls and gate piers. They look very good and provide a nice welcoming entrance to Northfield from the 5th Street bridge. I especially like the stone seat on the corner by the liquor store.

100_0853 Granite pavers have been installed around the Ray Jacobson sculpture by the Water Street parking lot. The granite is from Cold Spring Minnesota and has lovely colors, patterns and textures.

After the Defeat of Jesse James Days was over everyone dug in and got moving on the second phase. It has moved along very well. We are now busy installing the foundations for the walls and will shortly move onto the caps and stone facings.


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