2022 Home Trend: Multifunctional Spaces

If you’re considering a new home and you want it all, but you can’t afford a mansion, consider multifunctional spaces. Today, more of us are using our homes in so many ways – to work, play, entertain, workout, and, of course, cozy up and sleep. Maximize your square footage by creating rooms that do double or triple duty!

    • Kitchen & dining room: A formal dining room is the least used room in a house. Create a kitchen with space for a dining table that can be used every day AND host formal dinners.

    • Home office & guest room: Include a fold-away/Murphy bed that is both beautiful and functional.

    • Kitchen & home office: Instead of a separate room, add a desk in the kitchen that matches your cabinets – easy and accessible for the whole family.

    • Home gym & garage: This one might sound a little… odd (especially in Minnesota). However, you’d be surprised how many garages are not only oversized, but also finished and heated. Choose the garage if you don’t want a treadmill, exercise bike, or bench and weight rack cluttering your basement. You might even get more privacy for your workout!

    • Library & family room: If you’ve dreamt of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a rolling ladder, put it in the family room!

Let Northfield Construction Company be your guide to a home that includes it all, and fits in your perfect lot. 



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