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Laura Baker Services Association is a superior provider of housing, educational and support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This Northfield organization creates a valuable community, and we are proud of our history of work with them.

Rebuilding Homes

Residents of Laura Baker Services Association live in on-site cottages. The residents who live in the bright, cheerful individual living units receive services from Laura Baker.

One challenge in this project was that residents could not be put out by the construction zone surrounding their homes. We addressed that challenge by building an entirely new cottage for residents to move into before tearing down an old one.

Then, the Northfield Construction team then rebuilt the first cottage, with the residents in mind.

If you want to see the finished work – stop by Laura Baker Services and find the Spring Creek and North Oak cottages! Both of these projects were completed in Fall of 2014.

Grounds Improvement

Additionally, Northfield Construction tore down what was once the Margaret Graves building, which was no longer functional for clients of Laura Baker Services. In fact, board members engaged in a capital campaign to fund the project.

In place of the building, Northfield Construction installed a beautiful new grounds area, including a paver patio. This improvement took place over the Spring of 2015.

History of Partnership

Over the past 12 years, Northfield Construction Company has completed approximately $5 million in projects with LBS. We are proud to work with an organization that does such good. A look at some of our previous projects:
  • Elwell and Baker Cottages
  • Spring Creek and North Oak Cottages – New Construction
  • Administrative building renovation
  • Numerous off-campus housing renovations

Local Partners

Throughout this project with Laura Baker Services Association, Northfield Construction Company partnered with these Minnesota businesses:
Trowel Trades
Mankato Rockers
Jerry’s Tile
Kokavy and Daleiden Painting
American Excavating
Blesener’s Exteriors


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