Remodel a Spare Room

Most homeowners struggle with the idea of how they can make use of a spare room in their home. Whether you’ve moved into a new house with more rooms or have additional space, you may be faced with the same problem. Some people simply turn an unused room into a guest bedroom. While guest bedrooms provide a functional space for a large family, it might not be the best move for your home. So, how else can you make use of a spare room, apart from turning it into an extra storage space? We’ve put together a list of creative remodels you may want to consider:

Home Office or Art Studio – If you find yourself working at home or enjoy an artistic hobby, you may want to use your spare room for a home office or studio. It would certainly beat working at the kitchen table or in your bedroom. A home office helps homeowners to further separate their living space from their work space. Having a designated workspace will also keep distractions at a minimum.

Reading Room – Do you enjoy reading a books? A reading room would be a great space for your vast book collection! Think of this room as your private retreat from the world outside. It would offer you and your family a great place to relax and/or study.

Exercise Room – Do you love to exercise, but have trouble making it to the gym in winter? Why not turn your spare bedroom into an exercise or yoga room? You’ll be able to stay in shape without ever leaving your home!

Music Room – If you like to play an instrument or listen to music, you may want to turn your spare room into a music room! Much like a home office, a music room would allow you to be creative, while minimizing other household distractions.

Playroom – Allow your smaller children to have their own play space. Consider turning the walls into whiteboards, where they can draw and be imaginative. Turn the floor into a fun play mat. The possibilities are endless!

Entertainment Room – Turn your spare room into an entertainment room the whole family can enjoy. Install surround sound and a big screen television. You’ll love retreating into this space to watch your favorite flicks.

Do you have a spare room in your home? How have you utilized the space? Comment below!

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