It has been a bit since I last posted. We purchased some new computers and it involved a bit of work to transition between the old and new. We seem to have things squared away now and are up and running and able to post new information on our website.

The new home we are building has had some progress in the last week. You may recall that the exterior walls of the home are constructed from insulated concrete forms (ICF’s). Typically we use ICF’s for the foundation walls and use wood framing for the upper walls. On this home we have constructed all the exterior walls from ICF’s. The upper walls line up with the lower walls. Door and window openings have been framed in lumber in proper sizes.

We also were able to get the sewer and water services installed into the house. The snow cover actually kept the ground frost free so it wasn’t difficult to dig. Once the utilities were installed we were able to backfill soils against the house and rough grade the site. During winter construction like this it is generally impossible to keep snow out of soils. However, on this site we were able to keep the piles of earth protected, pull off the snow and use the soils for backfilling against the foundation.

We will move onto interior wood frame walls and the wood roof trusses before long.