100_4369 Last week Ellen and I spent a couple of days away from Northfield. One of our stops was at the Naniboujou100_4363c Lodge north of Grand Marais, Minnesota. This is a fabulous place to spend some time. The lodge was constructed in the late 1920’s as a private hunting and fishing club. 100_4365c The Great Depression of that era ended the club, but it has remained as a lodge. One of the most beautiful things is the painting on the ceiling in the large dining room. This and other designs are taken from Cree Indian heritage. At one end of the dining room is a huge stone fireplace. Its chimney soars up to the ceiling. This fireplace was the largest stone fireplace in Minnesota at one time.

100_4374 The light fixtures were lovely. The ones in the dining room are original to the lodge and most of the others are accurate reproductions to what was originally used. But the thing I found most enjoyable at the Naniboujou Lodge is that it does not have any televisions, radios or phones in any of the rooms. I’m not sure about cell phone service as I didn’t see one guest using a phone. No one was sitting around staring at lap top computer screens either. That is my kind of lodge!

100_4361 We also spent some time at our lake cottage. There has100_4362 not been any frost yet so our flowers are going strong and we picked a good crop of tomatoes and peppers from our little garden. The sunsets were magnificent.