Yesterday I drove a load of materials to our work site near Carlton County, MN. I then loaded up equipment that was no longer needed on site to bring back to Northfield.  It was an absolutely beautiful day when I arrived at the site…75 degrees, light breeze and blue skies. Our carpenters said he has been enjoyable working on a lake and also watching the fall colors arrive. They have been busy finishing up all the exterior work. The red metal roof has been completed, including the ridge vents. The new roof really makes the cabin look great. The siding has also been completed. The new additions have fiber-cement panels with 1×3 battens. The owners didn’t want to’ pretend’ that the additions were not additions and decided to use a complementary siding on the additions. The end result is very nice.

The final two windows were being installed yesterday. These were two of several windows that were custom ordered to fit the existing log wall openings. Using custom windows makes a nice, clean installation on a project like this.

Yesterday evening I sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunset. It was hard to get up this morning and get in the truck to drive back to Northfield. Nothing beats the crisp fall mornings in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota!