We have had some very cold weather to work through on the Northfield Historical Society remodeling project. The cold weather is very hard on some equipment, such as air compressors, and it can be tough for the workers as well. Fortunately, we have erected a shelter that covers much of the project which keeps out much of the cold air.

One of the tasks being worked on is excavating a pit for the new elevator. This has been difficult since the building sits on solid rock. It takes a lot of work to jackhammer the rock and then haul the rubble out. We end up having to use a wheel and rope to lift the buckets of rubble up to the street level to cart them away. Some of the equipment we are using is probably not much different than that used to construct the Scriver building in the 1860’s!

We have cut new openings into the existing stone walls in some locations that will eventually be doorways. Overall the work is progressing on schedule.