We are making good progress on the Northfield Historical Society project. Deliveries are always a challenge. Today we took a load of concrete blocks into the building….loaded by hand onto wheelbarrows, carted across to back of the buiding, unloaded by hand. Lots of handwork on this job. We did finish the elevator pit excavation and have laid up the concrete blocks creating the elevator pit. It is good to have that task completed.

Today Senator Al DeKruif stopped in to visit the project. Roughly $200,000 of the project cost was furnished to the Historical Society through the Legacy Grant. The Legacy fund was created a couple of years ago when Minnesota voters approved a 3/8 percent increase in the state sales tax. A portion of the monies raised from that sales tax increase funds historical projects such as this.

Hayes Scriven, the executive director at the Northfield Historical Society, explained the project to Senator DeKruif, noting where the new toilets will be on each floor and showing him the elevator pit.  The Historical Society is working at raising the remaining funds needed to complete the project. If you are interested in helping with funding, please stop in and talk to Hayes or the staff and pick up a brochure about the project.