Masonry work on the Northfield Historical Society project has moved along nicely over the past weeks. It is a big job constructing the three stop elevator shaft in such tight working quarters. We have almost finished that portion of the work—lots of concrete blocks and mortar hauled up many feet onto the scaffold. The portions of the masonry wall that serve as exterior walls have to be insulated. We are using rigid polystyrene insulation and metal ‘Z-strip’ furring. That creates a very tight insulation system that we can fasten the interior drywall once electrical and mechanical work is completed.

The interior walls are being constructed using light gauge metal framing. That works well in this application because the steel framing is straight and true and doesn’t twist or bow in place. We also have completed cutting all the new openings in the existing stone walls. With six bathrooms in the project we needed different access points than were currently located in the building. We contracted with a firm to use diamond cutting saws to make the new openings. They did an excellent job, finishing each opening with a diamond wire ‘chain’ saw which eliminated any overcutting of the openings. We then installed structural steel lintels and re-laid the stone to make a finished door opening.