Cabin foundation supports

We are finishing a little project for a cabin owner in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. They have a typical vertical log cabin that was probably constructed around 1920 or so. It is supported on a variety of supports….pieces of log, pieces of concrete blocks, posts, etc. The soils react on these supports each winter causing the cabin to move and tilt in different directions. Sometimes when the owners open up the cabin in the spring the doors won’t open due to a shift in the cabin. Our work involved boring holes down about 5′ into the soils, pouring a concrete footing, then pouring a concrete bearing column up to the soil level. On top of the bearing columns we are placing 8″ steel beams that extend across the cabin for support. The idea is to support the cabin on concrete piers that extend below the frost line  so the cabin will not shift around. This isn’t fun work, but it will make the cabin stable for the owners.