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Remodel a Spare Room

Most homeowners struggle with the idea of how they can make use of a spare room in their home. Whether you’ve moved into a new house with more rooms or have additional space, you may be faced wi [...]

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What Bathroom Layout Works Best for You?

If you’re considering adding or expanding a bathroom, you’ll want to determine the type of bathroom layout you want. Your layout design should factor in any amenities or fixtures you want [...]

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Barry Oct 20 (2)

West Side Renovation Project

Our carpenters are busy on our West Side Renovation Project. We’ve done a bunch of work in the existing basement. Now we have moved on outside and are framing the expansion area. The lower level [...]

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Five Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Attic

Attics are extremely versatile rooms, whether you use them for extra storage space, an at home office, family entertainment room, or bedroom. Depending on the amount of space you have to utilize, you [...]

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Four Fireplaces We Love

The fireplace traditionally has been a necessary component and the “heart” of a home, functioning as a source of heat for many families. Its ambience and comforting warmth now provides contempora [...]

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LBS east bldg (3)

Laura Baker Services East Building

We have been working to finish up the new east building at the Laura Baker Services. This building is another residence for the Laura Baker clients. It is a wonderful light, airy building that will be [...]

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New Home Trend: The Open Floor Plan

A prominent new home trend for 2014 has been the open floor plan. What’s an open floor plan? The term refers to a type of floor plan which utilizes a large area to create a single, extensive liv [...]

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halloween safety kids parents

Prepare Your Home for a Safe Halloween

We love watching the trick-or-treaters come to our door every year with their enthusiasm and clever costumes. So we want a safe Halloween for all children this year, which is why we’ve come up [...]

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Clean Out Your Garage Before Winter

Does your garage feel cluttered? Do you have to park on the street because your garage is full? It may be time to clean out your garage for good, especially with winter on its way. You’ll want s [...]

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East Side Remodel and Expansion

We have started a nice remodel and addition on the east side of Northfield. This will eventually be a significant expansion of the existing house as we will be constructing a two-story addition as par [...]

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